Complete Sourcing and Acquisition
After your investment strategy has been determined, City Financial Services Australia will manage the entire operation including overseeing the purchase of the property. If the investment is a new property, this will also include overseeing full construction phase, completion and handover, finding a tenant and a suitable agent for managing the property.

For new construction investment properties, we will only deal with builders of long standing who have a track record in being able to perform this job well over time and people that we are sure are going to be there in years to come down the track, to support you if necessary.

City Financial Services Australia only deal with top line builders, builders who will look after your interests and builders that build a top quality, owner occupier standard property. With owner occupier standard inclusions like stone bench tops, air conditioning and a turn key property, meaning no extra expenditure is necessary. 

We also look to source prestige properties in the price band that works for your strategy. 


Sometimes, nearby properties (within 10kms) of similar size are advertised at much cheaper prices, but can fall in a different area and are of a different and most often lower build and inclusion quality. 

Our sourcing process always assesses for quality and prestige, ensuring value for money on your investment property selection.
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