Maximum Capital Growth 

City Financial Services Australia look for areas where it is possible to achieve greater than average return.

Historically,with over 100 years of property records in Australia available, records show that properties double every 10 years on average. 

This means that property grows at 6.9% per annum compund on average each and every year.

So, City Financial Services Australia look for properties that will grow at a greater rate than that average.

It means looking for the next area that is going to go into what is called an up cycle.

There are two cycles in property, an up cycle and a slow down cycle.
In an up cycle, that is when there is 10% growth or more each and every year.

Typically, these cycles, whether  they are up or slow down cycles, last for five to seven years, sometimes they can extend to ten - but normally it is five to seven years.  

In that five to seven years you would see growth at 10% or more each and every year. 

Inevitably, when that plateaus out and moves into the slow down, normally there would be a loss of 5% off the market and then probably neutral after the second or third year and then slight gains, less than 10% and then after five to seven years it would revert back to the up cycle and 10% growth or more.

That means, City Financial Services Australia look for properties that are going to achieve more than average growth.


These prospective investment properties will be at the start of a growth cycle and we look for potential opportunities in all states across Australia, as the property cycle works the same in each state provided you buy within 60 minutes of a CBD or capital city. 

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